Feasibility Studies/Concept Design

Getting the right start is crucial to maximizing the benefits from our clients’ planned investments.
That’s why clients come to us, because they know we have a commitment to quality and to understanding their business objectives (such as time-to-market and cost effectiveness), so that we can help them find the right solution.
We and our clients like to work from the earliest phases of their planned investments, in a collaborative team-focused way, so that we can help to give their project the right start, applying all of our experience, expertise, creativity and innovation.
Our skills include:

  • Simulation

  • Process architecture

  • Process flow diagrams

  • Facility programming

  • Utility/sustainability analysis

  • Energy modelling

  • Feasibility studies

  • Conceptual design development

  • Preliminary investment cost estimate

  • Preliminary integrated master schedule

  • Funding document preparation